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"Brooke is truly a chameleon of the highest order - with equal facility in acting, singing, writing, and comedy. She is a creative genius. Her work has brought me to tears of the good, ugly cry variety, and has also brought me to the kind of laughter that requires a change of undergarments."

-Jen Waldman Acting teacher, director, Jen Waldman Studio, NYC


"Brooke brings out vulnerability and a rawness in every character that she tackles. She can break our hearts and make us die laughing-- ingredients that last in this business and never go out of style."

-Matthew Corozine Acting teacher/coach, Artistic Director MCS Theatre Inc., NYC

Reviews for "Tootsie" (Sandy): (North Shore Music Theatre and Theatre by the Sea)

The show show had already been stolen by Brooke Jacob, who plays Michael’s neurotic, self-defeating ex-girlfriend/fellow actor, Sandy. She gets the show’s funniest song.

-The Boston Globe (Bob Abelman)

Brooke Jacob as Michael’s friend Sandy also manages to steal every scene she’s in with over-the-top theatrics. (Andria Tieman)

(Brooke Jacob) can put out a song and put it over like nobody else I’ve heard in a long time. -WBLQ Radio - (Rona Mann)


Vocal Reel


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